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1966 World Cup Final (In Colour)

1966 World Cup Final (In Colour)

On 30th July 1966 at Wembley Stadium in front of 90,000 fans, England won the 1966 FIFA World Cup'", beating West Germany 4-2. It was one of the most exciting football matches ever, culminating in a hat-trick for the England striker Sir Geoff Hurst and the golden Jules Rimet trophy being presented to the captain Bobby Moore by Queen Elizabeth II. The match was broadcast to millions around the world - and in the UK was covered by both the BBC and ITV - in black and white. To this day it remains the biggest ever TV audience in UK history.

To mark the 55th anniversary of this amazing match in 2021 - Final Replay, with the permission of FIFA (for the original b/w footage) and ITV Sport Archive (for the original commentary) and working with specialists in New Zealand (Park Road Post Production), US A & India (West Wing Studios) and London (Whisper), has restored and colourised the footage. This unique colour film is a complete record of England's greatest ever sporting achievement - as never seen before.

Rediscovered, restored, colourised and remastered for future generations. Presented by Gabby Logan, with extracts from the original black and white footage and GOAL! the official tournament film.

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